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Create a plan to hit your fitness goals

Benefits of personal training for pain relief

March 3, 2022

Your first stop is to plan your week


Don’t @ me, you can’t make improve your health without planning your food for the week


Not meal prepping for 152 hours on a Sunday


I mean spending 5-15 minutes writing out what you’ll have for lunch and dinner for the next 7 days


Ideally with the involvement of those you live with


If you’re all on the same page, you have accountability partners that otherwise might have derailed you


Now they’re helping you on your journey 


Make your plan simple


As simple as possible, it’s going to be an impactful change, you want it to stick


Why bother? 


It’s easy. You’re reading this, so you clearly care about improving your health, this is a 15 minute exercise to do that effectively 


Sorting out your eating, even without exercise will improve your health (and waist line) 


And this is the best way to do that, it takes out mindless eating


It gives you an easy to follow shopping list


And stops you from making bad choices at the end of long days


Your plan must include your nights out and social engagements

They aren’t ‘cheat’ meals, every meal counts


That does NOT mean every meal has to be perfect


It means you don’t have to pretend like you need to gorge yourself every week (or every few days) in order to enjoy yourself or relax


You can eat like an adult, with company, for the sake of catching up and enjoying the company 


Same goes for alcohol


Hiding your alcohol intake from your plan isn’t fooling anyone, least of all yourself 


You want to drink? Include it, lots of healthy, lean, fit people drink alcohol


Imagine that, eating out, drinking with friends, all while losing body fat and feeling healthier and fitter


It’s not a pipe dream


A plan, it starts with a very simple plan 


Your first stop is to plan your week


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