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Is your comfort zone holding you back from incredible results?

Benefits of personal training for pain relief

December 28, 2021

You’ve heard of a comfort zone, but do you truly understand the effect it’s having on you? 


If you’re not careful your comfort zone gets smaller and smaller over time


You know this, how awesome was $20 when you were 15


The same is probably not true now


With a family and bills to pay, to have $20 in your account could be devastating


The comfort zone actually works in two ways
Either, you fall below your acceptable level of wealth, you’ll scramble to get back into your comfort zone

Or, you go too far above, and you’ll spend your way back down again


That’s why 97% of lotto winners have not only lost their winnings, but are actually WORSE off 3 years after their win


Your health is no different, most people are looking for a magical sustainable diet and training plan, when really, everything is sustainable and also nothing is sustainable


Depending on whether it nudges the top of your comfort zone and keeps you from falling below it


You see that nudge is important, it slightly increases your top zone over time without making you feel wayyyy out of your depth


It allows you to slowly change beliefs over time, you know like the belief that you HAVE to drink at least two bottles of wine to have a good time


Or you HAVE to eat until you feel sick at family dinners 


To have someone rip that away from you in one week, it’s too much, it’s unsustainable


Instead what if you slowly made changes to the things you are happy to change
The things that will increase your self confidence without taking away who you are a person


Until with time, you become a different person, a person that is more fun with less wine


Who finds it more pleasurable to have a little bit of everything, and still be able to run around with the kids after lunch
It shouldn’t be complicated, the changes you make should be ones you are happy to make
The ones that will give you the great result with the least amount of pain


What changes could you make right now? Need help, reach out, this is what we do 

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