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How to eat during the holidays

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December 28, 2021

Just relax, eat whatever you like, drink, be merry 


Look, it’s not bad advice 


It’s the holidays after all, you should be relaxing


The key though, is whether you actually find that relaxing, you might not 


It might be that eating enough to make you feel like you’ll burst isn’t your idea of a relaxing afternoon


Eating so much that you can’t jump in the pool with the kids or play beach cricket might not be your idea of a day well spent


Don’t feel bad for that, you aren’t neurotic, and it’s not like we live in a society where it’s hard to eat in excess 


Modern culture isn’t exactly lacking for opportunities to eat cake and drink heaps


You haven’t been waiting 12 months to do those things


If you don’t want to go nuts, don’t 


And if you do, awesome


A better bit of advice might be that you should make a conscious decision to either eat in moderation or to go nuts BEFORE you do it


If you’ve made a conscious choice you are much less likely to feel guilt come January 3rd
Sitting there wondering why you’ve done this to yourself again


Make it conscious, make it a meaningful choice, be clear on your own reasons why you are or aren’t


It’ll make your holidays that much more relaxing and you’ll have a much smaller hangover

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