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Have your wine and drink it too!

Benefits of personal training for pain relief

December 31, 2021

Losing weight WITHOUT giving up alcohol

You would lose weight but you like red wine too much

What if I told you it was possible to have both?

A glass of red win a night is not going to stop you from creating a body that you love, one that gives you the energy to do the 150 things on your to-do list each day, that makes you feel confident in your own skin

In fact, any health change that tells makes you give up all the things you love won’t last, fad diets, meal plans, they don’t work because they suck the fun out of life

There is better ways to start feeling amazing in your own skin


Make sure any nutritional change you make includes the things you love, like red wine and meals out with friends!


If you have to cut out all enjoyment from the plan, no matter how well it works, you won’t stick with it, because it won’t be worth it!


If you need help creating a plan that allows you to live the lifestyle you love while also having the self confidence you crave, get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to help!

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