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Why Less is More

Benefits of personal training for pain relief

December 31, 2021

This is a conversation I have a lot with new clients

“I want to lose weight, I’ve put on a lot of weight in the last year”

“I need to train 6 times, that’s when I was at my leanest”

“So, what happened, why aren’t you still there?”

“Oh I got too busy/I have kids now/work got crazy but it’s okay now etc”

This is what I like to call Yo-Yo exercising, and it’s a common form of All or Nothing thinking

People build their lives around what they can do at the best of times when stress is low, work is easy, kids are just thing you might have in the future..

We are all guilty of this at some stage or another, we focus on what we can do when everything is going our way and forget that it’s actually what we can do consistently that we need to focus on

You don’t need to train everyday, in fact, it’s counter productive, we only have a limited amount of calories we can physically burn in a day

So adding more and more activity on top actually doesn’t add to our overall calories burned because the body just takes that energy from somewhere else

You end up in recovery debt, where you are adding stress on top of stress and your body simply can’t repair your muscles

Your results plateau, everything ends up hurting, it gets too hard to do anything else in life so you give up training to get more time back you

Before you know it you’ve put on 10kgs

A better way, train 3-4 times a week, with a mix of strength and conditioning

Create awareness around your eating habits/behaviours and make adjustments that you can sustain even on your worst days

Lastly, find someone that cares whether you show up, that cares whether you are getting what you want and need from your training

Keep it simple and sustainable, even on your worst week

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