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What to do when weight loss plateaus

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January 4, 2022

You’ve been losing weight consistently for weeks, feeling great about your progress, then BAM! 


There’s a week where you do EXACTLY the same thing you’ve been doing that’s been working for, or maybe it’s even been a better week than usual and…. 


Nothing, or worse, you’ve put on a little weight


It’s really hard not to be disappointed, so don’t fight it, actually allow yourself to be a little disappointed


And move on quickly, because it’s not the end of the world, if you look at the whole picture you’ve still made progress and nothing works forever


Before you go changing everything though, make sure you read these 3 tips for when the inevitable plateau happens:


  1. Has your weight actually plateaued? 

One week of no loss or slight gain is not a plateau, wait for at least 2 weeks of no change before changing what you’re doing


One week could be your cycle, or it could be a salty meal, an extra glass of wine the night before


There are so many reasons you could have an off measurement that one time


I actually recommend at least 3 weeks of same weight, or slight increase before adjusting anything


  1. Add calories



Yup, have you lost a significant amount of weight (more than 10kgs), or you’ve been restricting calories for longer than 8 weeks?


It might be time to give it a rest for a week and add a few extra calories, nothing crazy, but a couple hundred extra calories will tell the body you aren’t starving and give it a bit of a reset


You might actually find you lose weight again due to your body up-regulating your unconscious movements like fidgeting and walking a little faster than usual, due to the “excess” of calories after a long time in restriction


  1. Is there anything you could easily change? Or have you gone away from what was working?

The way we approach weight loss is to make the smallest changes possible first, so that you’re expending as little effort as possible


Get great results doing that, then when things plateau you’ve got HEAPS of options to continue with


Hopefully you’ve followed a similar approach so you’ve got easy options to move onto to


It’s also a good time to assess yourself and see if you’ve let old habits creep back in, it happens to all of us from time to time


Maybe this was a good kick in the bum to get back on track


Hopefully that’s helped, whatever the reason don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater, even though you feel disappointed


This is one of the major benefits of having people in your corner to keep you on track


Not only can they be the shoulder to lean on and sit with you in your disappointment but also get you back on track and back in the game when the time is right

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