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What I love about helping people improve their lives

Benefits of personal training for pain relief

January 5, 2022

Today, I thought I would give you guys a bit of an insight into me, what makes me tick and why I don’t mind getting up at 4am all year round

I love what I do, owning a business can be nerve wracking and wondering whether you’re going to be able to eat in a month’s time isn’t everyone’s definition of fun but that stress is worth it

When I break down what I do and what really motivates me, it might be surprising to know it’s not actually the training part in particular

I mean clearly I really enjoy that!

But if I had to pick one aspect of my role, it would be teaching, I love teaching

It gets my juices going to see someone progress in their wisdom around their health

I say wisdom because for me, there are 3 levels of intelligence, information, knowledge and wisdom

People can be taught information

Information is useless without application and that’s where knowledge comes in

The awareness and understanding of health from the information that’s been obtained

Wisdom is the highest form t

That is the ability to take what you know and what your experience tells you and be able to apply it in a multitude of circumstances

Even those that don’t directly relate with the subject of that knowledge

In my mind, you’ve achieved a level of wisdom in health and fitness when you have an overarching philosophy that allows you to look at conflicting bits of knowledge

This happens a lot in nutrition!

Someone who is able see how BOTH sides could be correct in certain circumstances and then use that to your advantage

Taking a client, from a state of stress and panic and confusion to a point of calm and control about their own health is THE reason I do what I do

And look, not everyone wants to get to the level of wisdom about their health and that’s okay

As long as they can get to a stage to take control of their health without my help, then I feel like my job is being done in the right way

Which actually sounds ridiculous because that means they no longer need me, but it also means that I have to level up everyday, which I love doing, and hopefully pass that on to my clients

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