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Why carbs AREN’T the devil

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January 5, 2022


How often have we read this in the last 10-15 years? I’m pretty sure we’ve all genuinely believed this in the past

After all, carb intake has dramatically increased over the past 40 years in line with obesity so how could you not?

Then again, so has fat and protein intake, so where does that leave us?


Thermodynamics can’t be ignored, calories in vs. calories out rule weight loss or gain

When looking at the dramatic increase in carb intake it’s also worth noting that a lot of processed

So called high carb foods actually also contain a lot of fat as well

take Doritos for example, of course everyone knows corn chips are a high carb food, right?

Actually, over 50% of the calories in Doritos come from fat – mind blown!

Low protein + low fibre = eating heaps without getting full! Absolute dream for food manufacturers 💸

So why do low carb diets work so well when it comes to weight loss?

Firstly, you take out an entire macronutrient without any plan to replace it

Meaning you drop your caloric intake

Secondly, your body converts carbs to glycogen which also takes water in order to store it in the muscle

Meaning when you deplete glycogen you will also drop a heap of water weight in the short term

Does this mean you should avoid low carb diets?

Well, no, I still use them with my clients, they can be great for a kick start

Early results are a significant determinant of whether you will continue with a program or not and the biggest thing with any long term health plan is consistency!

If it’s going to help you stay on track then use it!

But you can still eat carbs and lose fat and keep it off, if you stick to some guidelines:

1) Choose predominantly whole food options like fruit, vegetables (yes potatoes are okay, just not always fried 😉

2) Treat processed options as a sometimes (less than 1-2 times a week)

3) Consider what you eat with it, eat whole carbohydrate sources with a source of protein and good fats

Personally I don’t eat carbs with my first meal

Not for a fat loss goal but because I find my energy is better throughout the day

Go and experiment and see what works best for you!

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