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Are you trying to be perfect?

Benefits of personal training for pain relief

December 21, 2021

Wabi Sabi. 
Acceptance of the imperfection and the incompleteness of nature, even our human nature
It’s a beautiful concept, in a world where machine learning and mass production are becoming more and more pronounced, there is something beautiful about the concept of imperfection
Think about the power of accepting yourself, as imperfect as you are, and then the power of celebrating that imperfection


Those steps would give you so much more hope when you tackle hard things


Too often when we try something new we have an image of perfection in our minds
“I’m going to do this transformation and I’m going to train 5 days a week, and I’m going to going to follow this meal plan 100% of the time for the next 6 or 8 weeks and it’s going to be amazing!”

If that does happen, it won’t happen every time, and the expectation of perfection from yourself is more likely to set up a fall that you won’t have seen coming, no matter how many times it’s happened before


Now, this isn’t to say you shouldn’t try your hardest, or that you shouldn’t set your sights high, it’s the idea that in the pursuit of great, you will fall, you will stumble, you won’t be perfect, and how good is that? 


Even better, the journey never stops


It’s beautiful, because it makes it interesting, it makes it worthwhile, if anyone could do it, there’d be no reason to pursue it at all 


Embrace Wabi Sabi

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