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Small Group, Big Difference

Benefits of personal training for pain relief

July 26, 2023

Ever wondered about the impact of class size on your fitness journey? 


Time for some quick math


In a 45-minute group fitness session, if you’re in a class with 30 people, you get just 1.5 minutes of personalised attention from your coach


But in a class of 10? That number TRIPLES to 4.5 minutes 🕓


At Blinco Built, we believe that quality should never be compromised for quantity


That’s why we specialise in small group training

And not massive group training


Our decision isn’t just about maths – it’s about creating an environment where each member feels seen, heard, and valued (as you might have seen in our reviews) 


It’s about building a tight-knit community where everyone knows your name, your goals, and your journey 🤝💪


With smaller groups, our coaches can provide higher quality, more individualised attention during each session


We can correct form, offer modifications, and encourage you at a level that simply isn’t possible in a larger group

There’s also great accountability and motivation 


The result? You get the most from each workout, and you’re less likely to get injured


But it doesn’t stop there 


This individualised attention extends beyond the gym floor


With our 1-on-1 goal review sessions, we’re committed to making your fitness journey a personalised experience


Because at the end of the day, your fitness journey isn’t about fitting into a one-size-fits-all model


It’s about finding the perfect fit for YOU 🌟


Think small for big results. That’s the Blinco Built way







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