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Returning to training after a holiday

Benefits of personal training for pain relief

July 26, 2023

Been living it up on holiday for the last few weeks? 


And now it’s time to get back to reality 


The reality is, a lot of people will fall off their health and fitness pursuits at times like these, but not you!


Don’t let the last 6 months of progress disappear, here’s the 3 best ways to make sure your 4 week European vacay doesn’t turn into a 6 month gym vacay!


 01. Schedule it in! 


Before you get back, schedule your first week of sessions back in the gym!

By setting solid dates and the intention of coming back you’ll have sorted a major part of the puzzle


Most often it’s the lack of a plan that causes procrastination, plan ahead and give yourself something to look forward to

More on that here



 02. Set a goal


The last few days of a holiday are a great time to sit back and reflect on what you’d like to achieve over the next few months


You’ll be relaxed, and maybe even a little excited to get back into a routine, this is a great time to come up with a routine you’ll love, with a goal you’re itching to get started on

Here’s 3 questions you should ask yourself whenever you’re setting goals


And a great way to approach goal setting in general 



Bonus: if you have a coach and a process for setting goals with them, reach out and book in a time to set some new health goals to get you fired up about training again

03. Go easy on yourself


You’ve had weeks off the gym, even professional athletes take a couple of weeks to get into their training after multiple weeks off


Make a plan to get in and give consistent effort throughout the first couple of sessions and you’ll be surprised how fast your fitness comes back 


The first goal should be turning up, and getting it done, intensity will come back pretty quickly from there


Lastly, it’s completely normal to feel overwhelmed about returning to training after a long time off


By taking these few steps you can reduce the overwhelm and get excited about getting back into the gym! 



















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